Gary Richard Homes

Investing in People

ManagerStaff form the basis of the service we provide and we pride ourselves on realistic ratios for each house group.

Joanne Kirby - Assistant Manager and Training Supervisor >>

Through recruitment, induction and ongoing support and training, we seek to ensure our staff are both motivated and skilled.

The home has an established on-site training suite run by our Assistant Manager Joanne Kirby. We use state of the art computer technology in order to achieve our training goals. All staff either hold, or are working towards national vocational qualifications.

Each House Group has its own Seniors, Shift Leaders and Care Officers. All will have been assessed as to which residents and particular House Groups they are most compatible to work with.

They have their own individual staff meetings, workshops and review meetings as well as attending full house meetings on a regular basis.

Assistant ManagerStaff are regularly appraised and have training supervision sessions.

Kim Warner - Registered Manager >>

At night time there are two Waking Night Staff in the main house and a Twilight Sleep-in member of staff in the Lodge.

Gary Richard Homes Limited is committed to our pursuance of excellence within this ever-changing business.

Colin and Pauline Burnett-Dick
Colin and Pauline Burnett-Dick - Directors