Gary Richard Homes

Aims and Objectives

To provide permanent residential care for a maximum of 30 learning disabled people.

Our services aim to:

Respect and nurture the individuality of each resident

  • Respecting each residentís physical emotional, cultural, intellectual and spiritual needs.

  • Respecting residentsí likes and dislikes.

  • Creating a happy, settled, safe environment in which each individual can flourish and fulfill personal aspirations.

Respect each residentís rights and responsibilities as equal and valued members of the community and in particular to:

  • Respect their right to privacy.

  • Accord dignity and respect to all residents at all times.  

  • Ensure that their needs always come first.  

  • Assist residents in making informed choices.  

  • Support them in accepting responsibilities according to individual abilities to do so.  

  • Promoting their independence.


  1. The provision of individual personal accommodation designed in conjunction with the occupier according to their personal wishes and needs.

  2. The provision of facilities and service in a comfortable, homely, clean, well-maintained and safe environment.

  3. The provision of trained staff with suitable backgrounds and experience who at all times behave in a respectful way towards individuals.

  4. The provision of personal care in accordance with individual need.

  5. The provision of meals, drinks and snacks to suit individual requirements.

  6. The arrangements of any necessary external services e.g.; medical and nursing care, chiropody.

  7. The facilitation of a range of interesting and varied personal and group activities.

  8. The provision of safe custody arrangements for money and valuables as required.

  9. The undertaking of initial assessment and providing a service through a clear and detailed Care Plan that is regularly reviewed.

  10. To provide a safe environment and to regularly review all safety policies and procedures, including individual risk assessments.